Three Things to Know About Paying a Financial Advisor

Did you know that not all financial advisors get paid the same way? And while compensation does not make the financial advisor, how they’re paid can influence the advice you receive and potentially the outcomes of your financial goals. What’s more, if you don’t understand what your own financial goals are, you may end up paying for products or services that you don’t necessarily need.   Knowing where your hard-earned money goes should be your top priority when it comes…

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Jobs Friday is here again. Consensus unemployment @ 19.7% for May after rising to 14.7% in April. Payrolls expected to come in ~6 million losses vs. 20 million fall in April. A patchwork of reopenings in May, better picture in June on the potential employment bounce.

Did you know that the trainwreck that is Brexit is still moving forward in full motion? Little chance for a breakthrough deal this month, but June 30 deadline is likely to be punted again given everything else going on in 2020.

With the media taking a particular hit recently its worth noting where press freedom has improved on a relative basis. This chart from @gzeromedia shows conditions in LatAm as a whole are deteriorating. Surprising to see Australia and W. Europe in there.

Key message from the ECB: not out of the woods yet. The central bank nearly doubled the size of its emergency purchase program to 1.4tn euro. For markets, it’s one thing to be hopeful about the economy, another to be pragmatic when data say otherwise.

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